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Welcome to the Art of the Dollar. We are a financial literacy education and collaboration service. You will learn how to get more streams of income, work more reliably, and have a strong honest orientation on how to leverage doing what you love to thrive in today’s economy. We are about discovering your goals and dreams and helping you reach them. We offer a free one hour personal phone consultation where we will map your skills and interests and work best to meet them with an income you control. Simply fill out the consultation appointment form and send it to samueldixon@artofthedollar.com . You should also include your resume and any past work to help us get a better gauge of how we can help you, but it is not necessary.

IF you are not interested in free strategic personal wealth education we have other resources on the site to aid you in your art.
Have you wondered how to make money online? We will show you countless aspects of online money making. This ranges the gamut from affiliate marketing, to drumming up traffic for other affairs. The newsletter has courses which are helpful in debunking the mystery of money.

There will also be reviews for cutting edge tools and techniques to help with your business journey.

Remember, the art of dollar is simple: apply regular work and you will see gains.  This will prove to be a steady truth as you stay up to date with this blog and newsletter.